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Hey I been following some builds into in the past to make my characters as succesfull as possible, yet for forgotten gods I wanted to actually sstart theorycrafting myself. One thing stoppong me though are the constellations. I don get how you choose whivh ones to take.

Unbelievable. I understand there like 50 comments here and you probably grown tired of reading replies, but the whole basis of your argument hurts my fucking brain.If Febby was at all concerned with the wider community seeing his gameplay, he wouldn be streaming it now would he? Taking it a step further, he wouldn have chosen a platform with the ability for viewers to instantly record and share moments of his stream.I also suspect that content creators permission does not apply at all here, as the system is designed to give viewers free control over choosing, clipping and sharing without required input from the broadcaster.Last but not least, get a job and get laid. You clearly riding Febby ass pretty hard but I sure the feelings aren mutual.

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