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It fun to me that a whole sub, like the whole sub is so desperately insecure about an opinion that doesnt even matter, that they freak out every time they see it.Or canada goose outlet reviews do you lack attention elsewhere in your life you so desire it to be in any way and form on any platform?Dear god I get too much attention if anything. You wont get the emotional breakthrough internet therapist moment you looking for, unfortunately.What would you expect to see on a Colts subreddit besides thousands of Manning fan boysIntelligent people capable of carrying a conversation beyond frothing religious defense mechanisms and hero worship?Not canada goose everyone is like me but I’m truly concerned for you for feeling the need to “poke the rat and watch it squirm.” You boast about coming so cheap canada goose decoys far from where you were but now you’re just a keyboard warrior with the aim to troll people?Thanks Dr. House, now I cured of.

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