Devulkar, though oddly not reluctant, asked the details, and

fake hermes belt women’s He called out to the strolling Devulkar “Awaz aaya (a voice shouted out)” asking him “One minute come here, I need your help.”Devulkar, who lives at the Worli Koliwada village and was working with a real estate business at the time, didn’t remember if the officer was in uniform, but at the moment he did know that the man was from the Mumbai police.The inspector, whose name he later learnt was Dnyaneshwar Ganore (whose 21 year old son was charged last year for killing his mother in a stunning case), asked him if he could come to the home of someone named Indrani.Devulkar, though oddly not reluctant, asked the details, and then consented.After some delays, including a peculiar detour made to the building that houses NGO Anand Niketan, near the Famous Studios, Mahalaxmi, some kilometres away, with this policeman by car, he was taken by Inspector Ganore to Flat 18 at Marlow, along with Indrani Mukerjea, two women constables and two or three male constables, all in plain clothes, and another person who was not a cop.She was in custody of the police at the time. The police told her they wanted to search her house.Indrani rang the bell of her erstwhile home, which according to Devulkar had her name on the door. A woman, he believed was possibly the help, answered. fake hermes belt women’s

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