“What are they earmarked for?” she asked

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high quality hermes replica uk The cheap loan is towards the construction of 380 unaffordable apartments on the corner of Blackfriars Road and Trinity Road.As Salford City Council launches its new ‘commission to tackle homelessness in the city’ and Paul Longshaw, the Council’s Lead Member for Housing, weeps that “we’re committed to building genuinely affordable housing in the city”, another huge public money loan has been granted to Fred Done’s company FICM Ltd to build unaffordable flats in the city.The 300million Fund is underwritten by Greater Manchester’s ten local councils, of which Salford’s share is 21.129million.Also in the running to get cheap loans from the Fund are:Wiggett Homes Ltd 1,555,880 for 22 houses on a site in Radcliffe.Blue Dog Property 2 Ltd 1,866,000 for 33 apartments on the site of the former police station in Baguley.Urban Civic (Princess Street) Ltd 43,310,000 for 351 apartments on a site on the junction of Princess Street and Whitworth Street in Manchester.Select Property Group and the Greater Manchester Property Venture Fund 36,300,000 for 677 apartments on the former BBC site in Manchester.Hillcrest Homes Woodlands Ltd 3,900,000 for 15 houses and nine apartments on the site of the Bretherens Hall in Heaton Mersey. I would perfect hermes replica not have a problem giving loans to builders who made some provision for social housing. But WE are helping to line the pockets of millionaires,who are not giving anything back to the community.”This building is called a ‘shelter’ not a ‘squat’ because the residents themselves have been working so hard to better their lives” says Angela Barratt of Salford Street Support “We hope that the building will be able to stay open to help people who fall through the gaps of society.”TORIES ‘SHOCKED’ AT AMOUNT OF EARMARKED RESERVESAt last week’s budget meeting of Salford City Council, Conservative Councillor, Karen Garrido, declared herself ‘really shocked’ that the city was sitting on 85million of earmarked reserves, as well as 13.2million of actual reserves.”What are they earmarked for?” she asked.”Prudential use of our resources” came the response.Part replica hermes of the reserves are for the One New Bailey office block, for which the hermes replica handbags china Council had originally squirrelled away over 12million.. high quality hermes replica uk

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