No other Erik Karlsson, but Evander Kane is referred to as EK9

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replica wallets Duh! Makes so much more sense.Is games played so important it should be the first stat? Seems like it should be win, loss, OT but maybe there replica bags for sale more to it than that.Hey while I completely hijacking this post can I ask how people feel about Karleson? Is it weird he got a standing ovation at his old team rink? And he been day to day forever? Also why is refered to as replica bags thailand EK65 sometimes? Is there another Erik Karleson on the sharks?EastBayFan replica bags joy 2 points submitted 19 days agoInitials and number are a really common nickname. No other Erik Karlsson, but Evander Kane is referred to as EK9 pretty often.GP doesn necessarily always get listed first, it replica bags blog just happens to be that way here. It definitely is important though, it good to know how many games in hand a team has.For example, we have 1 more point than Calgary, but we also played 1 more game. replica wallets

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