I found it not only nonsensical but disgusting and offensive

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Over 50,000 votes were counted and in the end, they organized the 34 entries by votes to declare which series was the most popular. While not including every yuri series, these titles do vary wildly from pulse pounding action to salacious dramas and subtext filled slice of life shows. Of course, the eternal problem with popularity polls is that they only show what is, well popular. So I have decided to organize the same 34 series into my own list, based on a mixture person preference, influence, and historical importance to the genre. Note that this list is not exhaustive, as there are more than just these 34 Here we go!

34. Kuttsukiboshi No surprise here. While impressive from a technical standpoint, as this two episode series was written, canada goose expedition parka uk directed, and animated by one may, Nayoya Ishikawa, this impressive feat does nothing to sate the deep loathing I have for Kuttsukiboshi. I found it not only nonsensical but disgusting and offensive at almost every turn.

33. Maria Holic Ok this one has some funny moments and a solid opening theme but mostly it is canada goose outlet online uk about a cross dressing sadist abusing the canada goose protest uk hell out of one of the cringiest characters ever written.

32. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid ew

31. Seraphim Call Certainly not the worst but age really took a toll on this anime. It is entirely lost to history, only obtaining 12 votes in the original poll.

30. Love To LIE Angle FANTASTIC TITLE, gross series that was forgotten before it even finished

29. Kurau: Phantom Memory whut

28. Hidamari Sketch How did this below average series get as many anime adaptations as it did?

27. Candy Boy https://www.outletcanadagoose.biz 2007 2009 was weird. I actually like parts of this one, as it is really cute, but you have to turn your brain off because full out incest. I have not heard about cheap canada goose this one since 2009 canada goose outlet china and that seems to be canada goose mens jacket black friday cool with everyone involved.

26. The Girl in Twilight I had never heard of this before doing this piece, which says a lot about canada goose shop new york this anime cultural importance. But it is a good watch.

25. El Cazador de la Bruja worth one good watch and that about it.

24. My HiME Raise your hand if you have heard of this one. canada goose outlet black friday That is what I thought, and yet it is 13 on the original list.

23. Pandora in the Crimson Shell: canada goose outlet montreal Ghost Urn There is no real place to put this one and that says more about it than I ever could.

22. Blue Drop canada goose freestyle vest uk Weird show, you should watch it, but not memorable

21. Simoun This one is actually a sort of hidden canada goose shop prague gem but it is lost to history for most people.

20. Destiny of the Shrine Maiden It baffles me how this mostly mediocre mecha series was so popular. That being said, the ending of episode 11 is some of my favorite directing ever.

19. Saki Ya know, you never hear about this one but it is actually one of the most popular, and was 6 in the poll. It is basically a mahjong sports style anime so I have no idea how it is so popular but hey, lots of people swear by it. The ultimate you it or hate it canada goose outlet show for canada goose outlet buffalo a lot of people strangely as well.

18. Netsuzou Trap NTR I held off as long as I could. While really popular I cannot stand this anime, my loathing of it is rivaled only by Kuttsukiboshi.

17. Sasameki Koto A pretty well known yuri series. The books are FAR better, but still an enjoyable watch beloved by many yuri fans.

16. Inugami san to Nekoyama san It pains me to not be able to place this one higher, as it is one of my favorites and so hilarious, but overall there are other series that just deserve to be above it.

15. Konohana Kitan Adorable, just adorable.

14. Black Rock Shooter

It astonishing that an (admittedly awesome) uk canada goose character design can spawn multiple anime adaptations, a hit song, and its own franchise. The anime adaptation packs some good old fashion emotional suffering and cool fights but nothing really beyond that.

13. Strike Witches Far more popular and influential than it has any right to be. One of the most salacious shows on this list I always feel uncomfortable watching it but I do love canada goose outlet store vancouver the characters.

12. Yuri Kuma Arashi The creators behind this were clearly not sober and probably could have used canada goose outlet location a cold shower for other reasons as well, but it is an canada goose uk customer service INCREDIBLE anime with some of the best, although extraordinarily odd, writing.