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cheap designer bags replica 2 points submitted 4 days agoIt a legitimate concept to be aware of, and even when used loosely in the way the associated subreddit uses it, is still important to keep an eye on.Obviously, when you look at it from the lens of a subreddit completely dedicated to the idea it very quickly begins to look silly and alarmist. However, outside of that bubble, I don think the core concepts should be completely ignored, but also shouldn be treated as if the sky is falling or some large sweeping course corrections must be made either.Hierarchies of any kind, be they social, economic, or otherwise, tend to drift toward rigidity and tyranny, if not held in check and balanced out occasionally, to keep it more productive than tyrannical.All natural endeavors, plans, animals, and humans, all form hierarchies naturally, because they are necessary for survival.Capitalism is just another form of hierarchy. However, it is one that is ostensibly based upon replica bags ebay the free trade of resources and labor cheap designer bags replica.