“We will hold a meeting with them canada goose outlet shop

trained doctors fail local exams

The failure of half of the foreign trained Ugandan doctors who last year canada goose t shirt uk sat the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council (UMDPC) competency exam which permits them to practise in Uganda and in the greater East canada goose outlet us African region has raised fresh questions about the quality of their education.

A total of 24 doctors who trained at medical schools in China, Russia, Ukraine, Sudan, Algeria and the United States sat the canada goose outlet michigan examination, which, if passed, would grant them a licence to practise. Of canada goose outlet these, 12 failed, according to the 2017 18 UMDPC Annual Report. The 12 will not be able to practise Canada Goose Jackets unless they redo the canada goose outlet new york licence examination and pass.

Dr Katumba Ssentongo Gubala, registrar of the canada goose outlet edmonton UMDPC, said a number of foreign trained doctors exhibited a lack of canada goose warranty uk skill and the competence required to work in hospital wards.

Some of those who failed were sitting the local exam for their fourth and final attempt, he said.

Whether Ugandan or not, all medical graduates trained outside the country have to go through thorough assessments before they can be allowed a licence to practise.

The process includes verification of transcripts from medical schools, written clinical exams and peer review tests for specialists.

Gubala canada goose outlet uk sale said graduates who sit the local test are in two categories: those who have studied in other countries, and Ugandans who trained abroad on government scholarships.

“Our [medical] profession is very sensitive. We have lives at stake and have to be sure of the doctors who treat our patients,” he said of the examination standards.

Gubala said failure rates were high. “The performance is not good Very few [foreign trained] doctors pass this examination straight away. Yet we test for basic knowledge, which everyone who has gone through medical school should know.”

Gubala said the canada goose outlet in montreal council has not decided what to do with doctors who fail the exam on their fourth cheap canada goose womens attempt. “We will hold a meeting with them canada goose outlet shop [the doctors] and decide a way forward, whether canada goose black friday uk they can retrain,” Gubala told University World News.

It is not just Uganda that is struggling with doctors trained at medical schools abroad.

A total of 157 out of 225 foreign trained doctors failed the Ghana Medical and Dental Council examination this year, and cannot get a licence to practise in the West African country. The 225 comprise 208 general doctors, eight dentists, eight specialists and a ‘mature’ candidate, who attended medical schools at universities in China, Ukraine, Russia, the canada goose black friday 2019 mens Philippines and Belarus, it was https://www.chinese-sharpei.de canada goose uk office reported recently by the Ghanaian Times.

The medical council in Namibia also said a number of foreign trained doctors failed its examination.

Gubala said many of the doctors who failed the local exams exhibited a poor grasp of practice, which pointed to a lack of exposure during training.

“We know that some universities have not been fair to our students, and canada goose uk reviews do not allow them to treat patients in their countries. This limits them. Medicine is a practical subject,” said Gubala.

He said the council would compile a report of universities giving “bad deals” to Ugandan students to enable parents to make informed choices when sending their children to study abroad.

Aggrey Kibenge, undersecretary at the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports, said: “We need to look at the content covered before we can start to compare [quality of education here and abroad].

Samuel Opio, secretary of the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda, which also subjects locally and foreign trained pharmacists to exit exams, said competency exams were important for quality assurance.

Professor John Opuda Asibo, former executive director at the Uganda National Council for Higher Education, highlighted the need to assess the worthiness of foreign scholarships given to medical students canada goose outlet through the Ministry of Education and Sports.

He called on students interested in studying abroad, and their parents, to “read up” on the universities before applying. “Some are after making money, not necessarily [providing] quality education,” said the educationist.