)forgot to say THANK YOU for your patience and understanding

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canadian goose jacket So, after waiting for packages to compile and install the update broke the distro (very rarely happens in Gentoo but still), my latest blog post didn have time to troubleshoot what went wrong I canada goose repair shop had work canada goose black friday toronto to get done. They either dual boot with Windows, or mess around on a laptop or in a VM not their main canada goose factory outlet system, so if an update breaks something they don really care and they can play in Arch testing.At work I can take that risk.In that way, Arch is the Windows 10 of the Linux world.I love it, but it just not the right choice for anything you have to depend on at all.I running Manjaro now on my work laptop, which [so far] seems to be a nice compromise. I don have to wait 2 years for an LTS update, but also don get packages 5 minutes after they compiled and untested.EDIT: I do a lot of my stuff in VM and containers anyway, so as long as X, KDE, virt manager, and lxc work, I can make due.I love it, but it just not the right choice for anything you have to depend on at all.I been running Arch on my primary work laptop for over 5 years canadian goose jacket.