The Skeena Mall is named after the Skeena River

All My RelationsHundreds of residents from the Sacred Circle, the territories of the Indian Nations of the Tahltan, Gitxsan, Wet’suwet’en, Haisla, Haida, Tlingit kanken sale, Nisga’a and Tsimshian, gathered in Terrace, BC on Tsimshian National Territory, at the Skeena Mall.The Skeena Mall is named after the Skeena River. A Majestic river originating at the Spatzizi Wilderness Plateau in the Klappan region of the Tahltan Nation. It flows through Gitxsan National Territory beginning the origins of the name; ‘Ksan’ ‘River of the Mists’; and then through the Tsimshian Nation emptying into the North Pacific Ocean.It is this river, which forms the entire facial profile of the Indian Chief looking east.

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