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With their husbands.Grgoire Trudeau made such an impact with her wardrobe over three days canada goose outlet, in fact, that Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan seems to have had a revelation: “Yes, Canada has fashion designers.”Homegrown fashionistas were still basking in the glow of this spotlight when Toronto Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 kicked off last Monday, making the (digital) cries of “Wear Canadian!” coming from David Pecault Square this season even louder than usual.Designers both fresh, like Ellie Mae, and established, like Greta Constantine, saw the “Sophie effect” boost hype for their brands online ahead of and at TFW (which, as New York Times fashion director Vanessa Friedman points out, actually exists) as did Canadian talents who didn’t even show at the tents this year, like Lucian Matis.Most Canadians aren’t willing or able to shell out thousands of dollars for one dress, anyway (which isn’t to detract from the well deserved the praise our country’s luxury ready to wear womenswear designers have been receiving as of late.)What they will invest in are stylish, snow ready coats which is why the most expensive (and sometimes stylish) garments you’ll see on people heading into the tents at Toronto Fashion Week are their jackets.That, and the fact that it always seems to be freezing outside when our fashion weeks hit.Canadian fashion is already coolIf what public figures wear can be taken as a barometer of success for designers, Canada already has a well established place in the fashion industry worldwide.”Internationally, people recognize that Canadians just do good outerwear,” says Eran Elfassy, one half of the Montreal based design duo behind Mackage. “We know about winter. We know what it is to wear something that long.

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