Citrus Unlimited Coming to Seminole

Citrus Unlimited is Coming to Seminole Square!

Mark your calendars! Citrus Unlimited is coming to Seminole Square Tuesday, November 16th, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm!
Will be located near Minerals & Mystics!

Look for our truck in the parking lot
off of Hillsdale Dr.
near Cosmo Pro & Minerals and Mystics.

(look for pick up truck and trailer
with our Citrus Unlimited logo on it)

Seedless Navel Orange – $38.00
Red/Pink Grapefruit – $40.00
Tangerine – $46.00

Orange blossom honey, marmalade
Georgia pecans

Fruit sold in 2/5 bushel box – count varies)
(variety and prices subject to change)

More Information on Citrus Unlimited